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🗣️ Attention all Black queens! 👑 Are you tired of simmering in the struggles and feeling like life has put your dreams on the back burner? 😫🥄


Well, it's time to turn up the heat and let your greatness boil over! 🔥 And I've got just the recipe to help you do it. 😉


Introducing "Gumbo for the Black Woman's Soul" – a savory anthology seasoned with stories of Black women who have navigated the challenges and triumphed against all odds. 💪🏾🌟


This book is like a secret ingredient that will add flavor to your faith, spice to your self-love, and richness to your resilience. 🙌🏾💖


So if you're ready to stir up some magic and savor the sweetness of sisterhood, click the link in my bio to pre-order your copy now! 📗✨


Get ready to taste the gumbo that will nourish your soul and leave you craving seconds of success! 🥄😋


Aloha, Love Aviella 🌺

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My Story

My name is Aviella Aloha Gray. I am a wife, a daughter, a multi-business owner, a student of wealth and a no settle survivor who aged out of foster care to become a Purpose Driven Wealth Creator on my own terms. I know how to align core values with talents and skills to create value packed solutions for the people I am called to serve. If you have landed here its for a reason. It might be a divine appointment. I am one of 7 authors who have contributed my story to benefit other women on this emotional journey we call life. I will give you my manao (my knowledge) and poor out my pain to you in this anthology. I hope you love it.


Aviella Aloha on Maui

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To Check Availability: 808-357-3504

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