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THE PROPER SYSTEM OR UNIT & ATTACHMENT METHOD IS DETERMINED BY THE CONDITION OF YOUR HAIR. There are different bases for a hair replacement unit, They are, polyurethane for completely bald heads, mesh which is ventilated for bald or thin hair and integration chains which require no adhesive. The right unit is determined by the condition of your hair. We can choose from five different attachment methods; adhesives, double-sided tape, clips, braid and sew-in or an interlocking stitch which requires a minimum 1/2 inch of hair. Our appointment fees are calculated from the agreed upon appointment time. We schedule other appointments daily. To prevent scheduling challenges we a lot 90 minutes in between appointments. Clients arriving late or delayed are subject to the full hourly rate. No Exceptions. If an appointment has to be rescheduled subsequent trips for any reason to an on-site location is subject to applicable on-site service fee which must be prepaid online. Please type the word "YES" to acknowledge and agree to the Aloha Hair Replacement Center Appointment Policy. Mahalo


Coping w/ Hair Loss

Hello all, my name is Aviella. I have been managing traction alopecia at the hairline for over twenty years now. My hair began thinning after I attached some extensions to my natural hair using a DIY rubber bands method. They were too heavy at the attachment point and I had them in for too long of a period of time. This was well before I enrolled in beauty school. I taught myself to do my own hair before I ever put my hands in someone else's. I remember being devastated because I had just reached my teenage year and already my hair was quite thin at the very front of my face. It was the first thing people could see facing forward and from the sides. I knew I had to do something because I had a personal mantra for my kind of beauty. It was and still is, "Keep it Cute"

I decided to seek out some specialized knowledge to help me manage my appearance...

Over the years I tried many things to get it to grow back and it would grow a little bit but in a short period of time my hair would thin right back out. Out of pure frustration, I decided to seek out some specialized knowledge to help me manage my appearance and uncomfortably fragile self-esteem. Once I reached the twelfth grade, I decided to enroll in a mainland school for cosmetology. However, that initiative was quickly brought to a halt when the school superintendent realized that I had a sensitivity to harsh chemicals like nail enamel products and other salon quality chemicals. Losing the battle with those challenges I ended up on a express departure from the trade school to the emergency room in an ambulance for upper respiratory issues. Cost me $500 and I was asked to leave the school because I was labeled a liability concern. It was 1998 and I was 17 years old trekking through my senior year in high school. Unfortunately, I was unable to complete the full cosmetology program at that time. Instead I completed a degree program at a local community college and then continued on to higher learning at a nearby University in 2006. I came to Hawaii in 2007 and re-enrolled in a beauty program in the Fall of 2014. In addition, I completed several advanced certification classes in Hollywood, Las Vegas, Atlanta, and Ft. Lauderdale.

Today, I am a licensed Hairdresser, Certified Medical Hair Loss Specialist, Wig Maker, Extensions Technician and Esthetician. I had to break up the Cosmetology components to exclude the nails curriculum in order to save my lungs. The good news is, I have taken what I've learned to date about hair design and hair growth theory and used it to enhance my appearance so that nobody can see the pattern hair loss areas. I would love to share my knowledge and skill with you as we consult on your image challenges, concerns and expectations. I am an open book for my clients. There are many ways to duplicate or enhance your look with cranial prosthesis so that others will not notice a drastic change. Schedule an educational 7 point consultation with me as soon as your ready so that we can explore some options for you. Particularly if you are looking for something easy to take care of that fits well and is comfortable in your best preferred color. Call 808-357-3504 today.



Our non-surgical hair replacement services on Maui in Hawaii are priced on an hourly basis. We mostly do human hair extensions and non-surgical bonding. At the Aloha Hair Replacement Center we provide private individual service to each client. Get natural looking real hair solutions that give you a full head of hair.



Unit (Hairpiece)Cut-In Styling



Hair Not Included

95.00/ HOUR


Let's get to know the options available to you


What is a cranial prosthetic?

A hair prosthesis or cranial prosthesis is a custom-made wig specifically designed for patients who have lost their hair as a result of medical conditions or treatments , such as alopecia aerate, alopecia totals, trichotillomania, chemotherapy or any other clinical disease or treatment resulting in hair loss. #VA APPROVED WIG VENDOR

Non-surgical hair replacement is applying hair to a bald or thin area without a surgical procedure. Are you ready to regain your self esteem and reclaim your confidence again. Let me tell you about a few non-surgical hair replacement systems that are feather light, cool, breathable, and look totally natural even to the most probing eye or touch. These custom hair replacement systems for women are made with 100% natural human hair which can be matched to the exact color, texture, curl and style of your own natural growing hair. Your added hair is integrated perfectly, and feels just like your own natural hair.




To Check Availability: 808-357-3504

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