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100% Hand Tied by Aviella Aloha
For all hair types... Full lace Wig $3999.99 - $4,500.00
Half Head $1999.99 - $2199.00
Frontal $999 - $1169.00
Aviella Aloha Cranial Prosthesis hand tied with human hair to look and feel natural. Very durable and longer lasting with proper maintenance and care. Each hair is flexible. You can comb the hair in any direction. You can also color and style the hair as you preference. The hair appears to grow naturally from your scalp. Part the hair in the center or on either side.
Includes a Maintenance Kit and a Aviella Aloha Unique Shampoo Service.
To be considered to have a cranial prosthesis made for you by Aviella Aloha, please fill out the form below. Due to a high demand Aviella has a wait list for all wig making services. If Aviella Aloha chooses you, you will receive a phone call notifying you that you have been selected. A quote and payment arrangements will be sent to you within 48 hours after your phone call and acceptance. 50% of payment is due before work starts and final 50% of payment is due before the shipment of your wig.
 BE ADVISED: If you are a patient with a prescription for CRANIAL PROSTHESIS you may have to pay Aviella Aloha directly and then be reimbursed by your insurance company afterwards. 

100% Remy Human Hair

 Made on Maui with Cinderella 100% European Human Hair Extensions. I only order the best human hair available. A complete maintenance kit is included to optimize the longevity results of your beautiful custom lace wig. If you would like to order the hair I recommend his and hers.com. NonCinderella human hair will be incorporated as is. Aviella Aloha can not guarantee the hair quality unless its Cinderella 100% European Human Hair purchased via aviella-aloha.com. 

Personalized Just for You

Choose the texture, the color, the length and the style. Aviella Aloha will create a custom pattern for your cap using the measurements of your head in preparation form. The next connection time is for the cap fitting. Your third interaction with Aviella Aloha in the process is for attachment and dressing the hair if you choose. Aviella Aloha Cranial Prosthesis are 100% hand tied to premium lace for optimized results..

Trained in Las Vegas , NV

Aviella Aloha invests in the best training available. Hands on training facilitated by Ms. Marquette Breslin a known celebrity wig maker and master stylist. Aviella Aloha successfully completed the Lace Training System with 92% accuracy. Get ready to feel like yourself again when you look in the mirror. NPI number available upon request. Ask your doctor for a Cranial Prosthesis prescription the next time you meet. Do check to be sure that the process is covered by your insurance before you apply for services.