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1. One great reason to do a consultation before starting locs is to find out what you are getting yourself into. In the consultation session, you and your loctician can discuss sizing, method of starting locs, pros and cons between interlocking and palm rolling, early care instructions for baby locs, and more. It is important that you and your loctician share the same vision for the process. One tip that we recommend to our clients is being ready to share pictures of locs that they like.

2. What you THINK you may want may not be what you ACTUALLY want

During a consultation, a client usually share what they were thinking in terms of starting locs. Based on a desired look, the client may be looking for something else in actuality. Recently, we had a consultation scheduled with a client for traditional locs. We discussed various locking types since she seemed a little unsure of what she wanted. After a detailed discussion of differences in locking types, she actually wanted microlocs for the flexibility of styling. Without the detailed conversation during the consultation, this client would not have learned about microlocs and realized that was what she really wanted.

3. Gain clarity on cost of services

Lets face it when investing in any hairstyle, you need to know how frequent do you need to come back and what would your monthly budget would need to be to determine if getting locs is something that you can commit to financially. In the beginning, depending on texture and rate of hair growth you may need to see your loctician as frequent as every other week or every few weeks. During a consultation, you should walk away with an understanding of how frequent you need to return so you can budget that into your lifestyle. Money does matter. Period.

4. Small, Medium, Large: When discussing loc sizing, it is important to be clear on what you desire and what you do not desire. Saying to the loctician, “I want medium sized locs. really has no real meaning. What may be medium size to you may be large to me, your loctician. This is where visuals are excellent because there is greater clarity in exactly what you are talking about. Look in Google images, look on Facebook, look on Instagram, etc. to find imagery to match the look are wanting. 

So instead of just hopping in the chair to get your loc journey started, start your journey the right way by starting with a consultation for locs! If you are visiting Maui and want to start your loc journey, contact Aviella Aloha today for an appointment for your consultation!

You will be charged from the start time of your appointment until I am finished regardless of if you are late or not. So be punctual! This is to prevent bumping into following appointments as I schedule more than one client a day.

Twist and Rip Crochet Combo

On-site Service Available for Lock Start up with the least painful twist and rip method. Available for AM on-site Appointments only. Please allow 7 - 10 hours for startup and 6 + months for dreadlocks to start maturing.

Pop-up or by da Beach 

If its Whale Season, why not enjoy the Maui fresh air while listening to the relaxing sound of waves breaking or our Urban-n-Island musical playlist. We can perform dread lock services for your hair at one of our pop-up locations in Lahaina by appointment only!

Maintenance & Styling

For African American Hair - Interlock and Scalp Twist tightening available. For all other types interlocking / crochet maintenance at salon. Appointment Deposit required. Maintenance should be scheduled every 6-8 weeks for best results.

Aviella Aloha offers Various ON-SITE Dreadlocks Startup & Maintenance Services Book Now  Book Now 

You'll want to have a minimum of 4 inches of hair growth from the scalp before I can get you started. When your hair is this short, it's a little more work for the first few months to get your dreadlocks going. However, as you watch them grow, it's nice to know that one day you will be swinging your Aloha Locks saying "LONG HAIR DON'T CARE"! But do plan for a 4 - 5 month transition for the locs to start forming. Note: At home maintenance requires you washing the hair 1-2 times a weeks. You MUST use a dreadlock safe shampoo and then palm roll after each wash. Be sure to separate the dreads to prevent unwanted large sections from forming.

How much length will I lose?

Everyone's hair varies in shrinkage once I start up new dreads. In the photo above, Generally, with the way I create locks, you won't get as much shrinkage as you would visiting other salons. Section size, dreadlock size and overall outcome with depend on hair texture, hair type and thickness. 

How long will my appointment take?

**Longer hair appointments can be booked in more than one sitting.

Maintenance sessions range from about 1.5 hours to 4. It totally depends on what shape your hair is in, if you want a shampoo service and scalp treatment, how much hair you have and how dreamy you want it to look when it's done. If you keep up on the maintenance, it doesn't take too long. And think of all the hours you've saved every morning with your get-up-and-go style.  

Books, music, movies, meditation and great conversation with your loctician all help make your experience fun. If you have a movie or some music you'd like to bring, bring it. Or dive into the mad land of metaphysics while you are here! We've got some movies, LOTS of books and an infinite supply of sweet tunes. 

So you have decided that you want locs? Great, congratulations on deciding to be one of the many awesome loc stars in the world. The next thing to do is find a professional loctician and make an appointment to get it done, right?! Perhaps, however you may find some added value in doing a consultation BEFORE getting the locking process started.

Dreadlock Extensions

Dreadlocks Extensions are a great option for getting the length you have always wanted immediately. We use 100% hand made extensions which come in a quantity of 10 per bundle. The Price for a full style of dreadlock extensions are $100.00 per hour which covers the cost of installation and not the individual hair extensions. Cost per individual dreadlock extension is 20.00 each including the hair and the installation with a minimum of 10 required. A non-refundable internet deposit of $95 - $285.00 or (Cash) is a necessity before the appointment. 45 - 50 is the average number of dreadlock extensions for a full head. Keep in mind that multiple appointments may be needed for larger installations.

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