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Mens Hair Loss

Hello handsome fellow. I know how hard losing your hair can be. Thinning hair can affect careers, relationships, self esteem and quality of life. But you don't have to accept hair loss. Together, we can do something about it no matter how much hair you have lost. So, in response to the many phone calls we have received this year from business men traveling back and forth to Maui, I am very excited to introduce this new V.I.P. Aviella Aloha service for male clients experiencing hair loss. In August of 2018, I went to the mainland to be trained and certified as a hair loss specialist. I learned many things that can help any man concerned with balding or thinning hair. In addition, Aviella Aloha has partnered with two of the largest distributors in mens hair replacement products and services. Products are available in European, Human and Remi hair. Appointments are available by request. Call today for more information and a V.I.P. Consultation. Click here for Women's Hair Loss

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