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I believe that there is a natural stylist in all of us. Below are a few helpful hints I borrowed from Cosmetology Theory that you can use to create beautiful attractive looks for yourself and others when you can not get to a professional. Look Good Smell Good, and Feel Good anyway. I hope this is helpful to every person that stumbles across it. 

First, there are five principals of Hair Design. They are Line, Space, Form, Texture and Color. No matter what type of hairstyle you want to wear or currently wear these five principals are in play. When designing a hairstyle for Aviella Aloha Beauty clients our task is to help camouflage unattractive features while emphasizing on the attractive ones. 

There are four different lines. Vertical, Horizontal, Diagonal and Curved.

Lines can have a definite forward or backward movement. 

Tip: Curved lines blend and soften horizontal or vertical lines. 

Diagonal lines spotlight or prune a hairstyle. 

Repeated Lines create more attention to the hairstyle. 

Contrasting lines are horizontal and vertical lines that meet at a 90 degree angle. It is an easy way to create layers in a haircut. ISLAND BRAIDS by Aviella Aloha uses center, side, diagonal back and zig zag parting lines create her signature Urban-n-Island Style. Click here to BOOK an appointment.

Form which I often call Volume is the general outline of a hairstyle that is three dimensional and has length, width, and depth.

The hair form should be in portion to the :

1. Shape of the head and face

2. The length and width of the neck

3. The shoulder line

The area surrounding the form is called Space. An Aviella Aloha Hair Design makes great positive use of the space. 

Natural wave patterns are important to identify. Straight, Wavy, Curly and extremely curly hair react to products, chemicals and heat differently. 

There are three ways to change a wave pattern. With heat  and water are temporary change but chemical changes can be permanent!

Now Color is used to make all or part of the design appear larger or smaller. It plays two roles in the hair design, One is visual and the other is psychological. I like to use airbrush hair color to define texture and line. 

Light colors and warm colors create the illusion of Volume. Using a lighter color will draw a line in the hairstyle in the direction you want the eye to travel. Always consider the your skin tone when choosing hair color. Clients with gold skin look best with a FIRE hair color.


When you wear hair it should compliment the shape of your face. There are seven different face shapes; oval, heart, oblong, inverted triangle, diamond, square and round. My hope is that you can use this information to determine which hairstyles compliment you best in advance. We will identify your face shape by dividing it into three zones during each Aviella Aloha Beauty Consultation or first salon appointment with me. If you are curious and would like to know your face shape before your appointment or without confirming an appointment simply look in the mirror, pull your hair back off of your face. You will be looking at hair line, temples, cheeks and chin placement to determine which face shape best represents you. You can google face shape illustrations and compare what you see in the mirror to the illustrations. Also notice the difference in haircolor. Do you like the light side or the dark side?

Some bonding techniques require regular application of a product to keep the bond in good shape. Costs about $20 per month. As Hair Grows, extensions need to be trimmed. This costs the same as a traditional haircut.

Color Touch-ups are sometimes necessary on extensions. Average cost is $65. As hair grows, hair extensions will need to be taken out and reapplied; hair extensions usually last an average of 4 - 6 months. This reapplication will cost just as much as the initial install but high quality human hair usually can be reused. Removal which can take an hour or two will cost $95.00 an hour, Aviella Aloha's hourly rate.

The Wonderful World of HAIR EXTENSIONS

$$$$ Fusion/Pre Bonded Micro Extensions  are installed strand by strand and take hours to apply, therefore they cost thousands. These hair extensions cost more and are not always worth it. Pre-bonded also known as fusion hair extensions are fused on the actual hair by using a hot tool which can be damaging to the hair. Fusion extensions can be many different types of hair in one bond. They can take many hours to apply and cost thousands! The application for fusion alone can be on average of $1,500 and because it is strand by stand, you need a lot of hair, and the hair is very expensive. Using fusion extensions require significant upkeep and regular salon appointments for maintenance. You’re unable to use any conditioners, oils, or hot tools, to prevent extensions from coming out.Fusion/Individual Methods lasts between 4-6 months and the hair is not reusable. 

$$$ Tape-ins are the most requested hair extension method around the world. The hair wefts are made with 100% human hair and can be used to add length, volume, or chemical free color.  The method lasts 2-3 months AND the hair is reusable. The application is easy and can be installed as quick as 30-40 minutes. The tape in method is also a semi permanent hair extension method, has less damage and also costs less. This method is very affordable, including application fee it can average around $500 with little maintenance needed. This is a favorite choice for hair extension lovers because of the price, application time, and maintenance. 

$$$ Sew-in extensions can be very painful and damaging to the hair. Due to the amount of hair you use on your head it can cause it to be very heavy and uncomfortable.  Aviella Aloha Custom Hybrid Sew-ins include a hand tied lace frontal to give the appearance of naturally growing hair that you can part down the center or on either side.  

$$$ Beaded Extensions (I-tip) are also installed strand by strand and take hours to apply. These hair extensions cost a little bit, but its worth it.