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🌺 Unleash Your Inner Moana: Navigate Your Hero's Journey! 🌊 Life is an ocean, and you are the fearless voyager! 🌠 In the "Gumbo for the Black Woman's Soul Anthology," discover how to chart your course through the storms of adversity and sail towards the shores of your destiny. 🧭 Dive into a treasure trove of wisdom and inspiration that will empower you to embrace your inner Moana and conquer any wave! 🌊 Pre-order today! 🔗

Gumbo for the Black Women's Soul Anthology+ Digital Workbook Companion

Product Shipped no later than August 15
  • Because you are so awesome and amazig for supporting the Gumbo for the Black Womens Soul Anthology Sisterhood, I am going to give all of you who pre-order V.I.P. access for the next Purpose Driven Prosperity 5 Day Challenge for FREE. Just click and order to receive information on the next steps that will give you V.I.P. Access for one with every book that you pre-purchase. 


To Check Availability: 808-357-3504

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