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Natural Hair Designs for African American Hair

You will be charged from the start time of your appointment until I am finished regardless of if you are late or not. So be punctual! This is to prevent bumping into following appointments as I schedule more than one client a day


This style can be worn for an entire month before its time for an Aviella Aloha Signature Shampoo and Restyle. 100% Maintenance free. You can literally just get up and go. 

CAUTION: Getting it wet can cause a stench & reduce the life of the style. Stay out of the ocean with this one for longer lasting results. This is one of the easiest ways to sample different hair colors before you invest in a temporary or permanent chemical service. 


Look your beautiful best in and out of the water with Box Braid extensions. This styles can last up to 8 weeks with minimal maintenance. Just keep the scalp moisturized and take care to dry the braids completely or use Island Scents Braids Deodorizer to reduce the chance of hair odor. 


I love this style as a hang down or up do. These feed-in cornrow extensions can last 21 days before it is time for a new do. Very business professional friendly and maintenace free. As with any extensions style the more you wet it the frizzier it will become. Just tie it down with a silk scarf at night and spray it with some oil sheen to manage itching, an effect of dry scalp. 


Twist and Cornrow the top section of the head and place single free falling twists in the back. The more twists the better to create body. Create elegant daily wear hair styles with ease.


Flat twists are a good alternative to cornrow braids in between styles or for special occasions. Natural curls can be very hard to manage with the humidity and wind on the island. There is a way to manage that though by simply installing a steam curled weft pony tail at the crown with flat twists or cornrows in the back. With a ponytail installed this too is a classic maintenance free get up and go style.


This style is a wash out style but can be used to begin a dread locking journey. This style is created with brown gel and spritz so water will effect it. One thing to consider however is the gel flakes that can fall on your clothes. Plus sweating can produce gel in your eyes so BE ADVISED. Great with most shorter hair cuts on men and women. 


I love my Cinderella Hair Extensions even with the daily maintenance requirements. I do have to brush it a lot and use Cinder​ella hair products to optimize the longevity of the 100% Human Hair. I feel so good when I wear this hair. Very easy to style with hot tools. At minimum you must wash your hair once a week and condition it with the Cinderella PH Balancing Spray. The texture of the hair is so soft and lustrous. You got to try it at least once. You can wear this hair for 4-6 months with proper care and maintenance.

Aviella Aloha Hybrid Sew-in Weave or Traditional Sew-in Weave

Both full and partial sew-in weaves are very popular to women who wear hair. The style typically lasts about four to six weeks before it is refreshed. Aviella Aloha can enhance the natural look of this style by crafting a custom lace frontal for an invisible part. Choose any texture, any length and any color. If you invest in good hair you can reuse it over and over again. Be advised, that cut weft hair can shed over time. This style requires an Island Braids cornrow braid pattern foundation at the base in which the weft are attached with a curved needle & thread.

Aviella Aloha Pixie Braids

Medium size single braid extensions with burnt ends. This style can last four to six weeks with proper maintenance and care, You can get it wet but just remember to use Island Braids Deodorizing Spray to manage any unwanted hair odor. Be advised that the burnt ends can be sticky with certain fabrics. 

Aviella Aloha Natural Hair Braiding

Are you blessed to have thick and curly combination hair? Island Braids are amazing for this hair type. Don't fuss and fight with he hair brush while you vacation here. Get Island Braids and careless about the way you look in the morning. Just get up and go!

Why Aviella Aloha?

- Licensed Maui Stylist

- Urban-n-Island Style

- Maui's Queen of the Cornrow

- Stellar Customer Service

- Image Consulting

- Loyalty Programs


-Discounts on Activities

-Maui NEW Vendor Info & More

-Local Hand Made Products


- Single Braids & Twists


-Crochet Braids


-Tape-In Extensions

-Nano Bead Extensions

-i-Tip Extensions

- Classic Organic Bond


-Flat Tip

-Cinderella Hair Strips

-Veil Extensions


African Bantu Knots are very striking. They can be created with NO PRODUCT if you prefer.

Aviella Aloha Shampoo Sets

SHAMPOO SETS are a great option for a special night out. 

Aviella Blow Dry Styles

Aviella Aloha Blow Dry Styles

Aloha Mickey Mouse Ears

Mickey Mouse ears are great great for kids, teens and adults

Aloha Side Braid Ponytail

Side Braid ponytail

Aloha Braided Hair Bun

Braided Bun can be very professional or casual, YOU CHOOSE! The bun can be disconnected and let down for a completely different look

Aviella Aloha Styles

Aviella Aloha Freestyle Ponytail Designs are super cute. You never know what you're going to get but it will make for some fierce selfies.

Aloha Fishtail Braid 

Fishtail Braids are very elegant. They can be worn in weddings, for a night out on the tow or to school and the office. This is a short lived style in most cases unless you add Hair Extensions.

Balls, Beads & Barrettes

Protective Hair Styles


To Check Availability: 808-357-3504

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