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Wig or Sew-in Weave ? 

When buying a wig you must avoid these common mistakes:

1. The lace does not match your natural skin color properly. To combat this, tint the lace or put makeup on the lace. Note:The thinner the lace the better it is going to blend.

2. Sizing Circumference is too big or two small. At the Aloha Hair Replacement Center we offer a variety of cranial prosthetics with custom caps to ensure the perfect fit. 

3. Density: If the hair on the wig is too heavy it can be thinned out with texturizing shears or you can completely remove the hair you don't want and go back and ventilate what you do want. 

Sign up to be apart of this Aviella Aloha Portfolio initiative. Pay $99 for a full sew-in weave when you supply the hair. We just want to take professional photos and video throughout the process. Services are performed at Aphrodite Salon in Wailuku by appointment only. Participants must provide there own human hair. Photos will be used to showcase different braid patterns and looks for social media. Participants must pay $99 cash up front and sign a release waiver receipt to be eligible. Must not have received the same service within the past 12 months. May not be combined with any other offer. Offer ends December 31, 2020.Please complete the form below and list three tentative dates and times the message section to be considered for this promotion.


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Aviella Aloha provides Human Hair for a Natural LOOKING Sew-in Weave    

Sew-in Weaves can be considered a type of hair extension as well. Unlike the other types of extensions these are created by cornrow braiding the hair first. There are many different braid patterns that can be used to achieve different looks based on the lifestyle and desired results of the client. Sew-in weaves are installed using wefted human hair. You can choose the length, color, wave pattern and thickness. If for some reason you are not completely satisfied with the results we want to know.

Most concerns can be fixed by altering the braid pattern so let the stylist know immediately. You may have to sit for a few extra hours to redesign your look and create the style that you want. WE UNDERSTAND time may not permit a same day redesign so we vow to get it corrected for you within 72 hours of the initial appointment time. Complete installation time can vary from three to four hours depending on if you prefer a sew-in with leave out or a closure. 

"The Making of AA Look Book" Video Coming Soon

Hair Weave 101

Hair Weaves also known in urban areas as sew-in weaves are a great option for most texture naturals looking for a transition style that will help protect their hair. They are also a great way to add a little length or volume to your own natural hair. 

Aviella Aloha hair weaves are installed with your lifestyle in mind. Bring your own hair or purchase quality European Hair, Human Hair or Remi Hair from us. We have a catalog of quality products and lots of options on hair colors and textures. Please allow 5 business days for your hair to ship to our salon.

For a weave style you will want to purchase weft Human Hair. Take care to choose Remi hair always. When all the cuticles are uni directional the hair doesn't tangle as much. 

You still need to wash your hair while you have the weave in. If not you may notice a little stench before too long.

The price for all Aviella Aloha hair weaves and extensions is calculated at $85.00 an hour. Note: The clock starts at your scheduled appointment time not when you arrive.

Aviella Aloha Full and Partial Hair Weaves

Partial Sew-in (Add volume or length only) 2 hours

Add Volume and Length with Leave-out 3 hours

Full Sew-in. Net Weave - Full head cornrows braid pattern. 3 - 4 hours

Aviella Aloha will attach a net and sew-in the hair. 

Full Sew-in with Cornrows braid pattern and lace frontal. 

3 - 4 hours

In August of 2018, Aviella Aloha is scheduled to attend the Bronner Brothers Hair Show in Atlanta, GA and will be taking classes on different types of hair weaving techniques. Book an appointment in the month of August and receive a discounted rate when you allow Aviella Aloha to photograph your experience. Qualifying appointments must be booked and prepaid here. 

Fire and Ice 

Aviella Aloha Hair Care

Aviella Aloha Illusionist Spray

What it is: Conjure up some texture. This weightless spray creates notice me bold texture and volume with long lasting hold. Use on wet or dry hair to enhance curl or wave. 

The Benefits: 

- Bentonite Clay:provides volume, texture and strength

- Sesame Seed Protein:penetrates each strand nourishing and protecting hair. 

How to use: 

Spray on roots and /or throughout hair for texture and volume. Style and shape the desired look. Can be used on wet or dry hair. 

Aviella Aloha Everyday Miracle Treatment

what is is: 

Detangle, de-frizz, protect and perfect my "emt" is a miracle in a bottle. This all-in-one beautifier fights frizz, color fade, protects hair from damage, smooths split ends and leaves hair silky and radiant everywhere else. All without heaviness. Great for all hair types

the benefits: 

- Silk Proteinnourishes, repairs and protects hair

- Serecite Mica:smooths seals hair color and provides radiant shine. 

- UV Filters:block sun damage

how to use: Depending on the length and type of hair, apply desired amount to damp hair after washing. Comb through roots to ends for even distribution. Do not rinse out. Style as usual. 

Aviella Aloha Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner 

what is it:

Gently cleanse hair while drenching it in moisture, silkiness and shine. Powerful anti-aging and collagen -building properties act as a barrier to seal the hair cuticle, protecting from color fade and damage without weighing hair down. Sulfate and Paraben free. 

the benefits:

Sunflower Seed Extract: provides uva and uvb protection to preserve radiant color. 

Coconut Milk: creates a strong barrier around the hair shaft to prevent breakage. 

Rhodochrosite:balances moisture levels

Aviella Aloha In Control Hair Spray

what is it:

Adjustable holding power is in your hands! This humidity resistant, shaping and control spray provides texture, natural shine, and long lasting touchable support. Add volume and strength in seconds with enduring hold that lasts all day. 

the benefits: 

Sunflower Seed Extract: provides UVA and UVB protection

- Grape Seed Extract: reduces frizz and improves the overall health of hair. 

how to use:

Simply turn the nozzel left or right to achieve desired hold. 

Light hold:apply on wet hair for added shine and body or light hold on dry hair.Medium Hold:use on dry hair for shaping and as a working spray. High Hold:Use on dry hair for finishing and extra hold. 


To Check Availability: 808-357-3504

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