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Get Island Braids Cornrow Extensions installed by Aviella Aloha Stylist to the Stars. Choose your own design or let Aviella Aloha create a complimentary hair design for you. This deposit does not include payment for any applicable transportation fee. It does cover the entire first hour of service for braid-in extensions. 
AVIELLA ALOHA BEAUTY CONSULTANTS ON-SITE SERVICE APPOINTMENT POLICY...Thank you for choosing Aviella Aloha Beauty Consultants. We can't wait to meet you. You are about to make an appointment for an on-site service with Aviella Aloha Stylist to the Stars. This $25.00 non-refundable fee covers the cost of transportation only. It is not a payment for beauty services. Hair and supplies for extensions are not included in this transaction. They must be purchased separately before your scheduled appointment. ? By pressing checkout you acknowledge that you have first spoken to Aviella Aloha directly to confirm a time and place. You also acknowledge that payment for Island Braids, Extensions, Dreadlocks, Hair Take down services are cash only. ? **We will honor any reservation made within 15 minutes of speaking with us over the phone. All reservations are honored on a first come first served basis. This appointment may be rescheduled if another appointment is received and confirmed by time stamp after the the 15 minute grace period has lapsed so don't delay. You can also request a rescheduled alternative time and date if the request is made within 48 hours of your scheduled service if the time is available. Mahalo for your business and we will see you soon. Aloha Hair Extension Release/Liability Form ___I acknowledge that any hair extensions, replacement, installation or additional hair extensions service is final after the application. Any changes to style in style I want to achieve after application will be charged accordingly and additionally to salon prices. ___I acknowledge that hair extensions, lace hair products such as closures, frontals and wigs are very sensitive and different from intact naturally grown from my scalp human hair. I have been informed of the daily maintenance procedure required for these types of products/units. I will follow the daily maintenance procedure to keep my extensions in the best condition possible ___I fully understand and comprehend that these products will not be, look or preform identical to naturally grown human hair from my scalp. I further understand that the risk involved in wearing such items may cause or worsen hair loss, skin irritation and follicle damage. ____If adhesive have been used I fully understand that there are no guarantees more that what the manufacturer offers. I understand that the stylist has no responsibility, is not liable and does not guarantee the performance of any product used. ___I acknowledge that I have inspected and approved the hair extensions that are to be installed in my hair. I have made the provider aware of all my known allergies. ___In the event that I decide not to keep the hair extensions, I am fully responsible for the total payment of services rendered and that these will be paid in full when 50% of the work is complete unless otherwise allowed by provider. I also understand the explanations of the entire procedure, and I am aware that with proper care on my part, that should remain in my hair for at least 3 days. I understand that if any allergic reaction occurs, I will not hold my provider/technician or salon at fault. The charge for the removal of hair extension is not included in the original fee. ___I have read this release form in its entirety and I voluntarily accept the terms and conditions of the release by affixing my printed and signature below and warrant that I fully understand its contents. I further understand that not additions, amendments or changes will be honored with or in lieu of this document. ___I release Aviella Aloha Beauty Consultants, LLC, Aviella Aloha Hair Replacement Center, Aviella Moore, The Aviella Aloha company, team members, employees, associates, independent contractors working on the behalf of any of the afore mentioned and any providers from all liability related to these services.Have you read the On-Site Service Appointment Policy? Did you call 808-357-3504 for appointment availability first?

Deposit Island Braids Cornrow Extensions



    To Check Availability: 808-357-3504

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