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Private V.I.P. One-on-One Consultation with a Certified Hair Loss Specialist Aviella Aloha. This is an educational gethering to discus options for cranial prosthetics and other types of hair additions available that are customized for your individual medical related hair loss challenges. Our goal is to help you select non-surgical hair loss solutions that best compliment and flatter the face and your lifestyle habits. 
For your convenience we accept payments via PayPal. PayPal payments are charged at the time of placing your order. To complete checkout, click the PayPal button on the bottom of the shopping cart page. PayPal is a third party processing service that allows you to make payments by credit card, e-check or electronic funds transfe. PayPal is used by millions of online shoppers and retail vendors. 
You will have to set up an account with PayPal in order to purchase through this secure third party payment provider. You can also click on the "Pay with Credit or Decit card" option below the PayPal payment option if you prefer. You will receive a receipt notification from
BEFORE YOU CONFIRM THIS RESERVATION PLEASE READ... At the Aloha Hair Replacement Center, we hesitate to offer products that we would not be happy wearing ourselves. Although we do not accept payment directly from insurance companies for any cranial prosthetics, we can provide you with a special receipt for "Cranial Prosthesis" which is what your insurance company will need to process your claim. Our customers who have cranial prosthesis coverage have been successful in getting reimbursed for their purchase upto their individual coverage amount. Our products do not sit in direct sunlight in a store window. We are a reputable company and authorized seller of authentic unused merchandise for competitive prices. We only service what we sell! We don't sell seconds, returned merchandise, used merchandise or knock-offs. Be advised: Our appointment fees are calculated from the agreed upon appointment time. We schedule other appointments daily. To prevent scheduling challenges we a lot 90 minutes in between appointments. Clients arriving late or delayed are subject to the full hourly rate. No Exceptions. If an appointment has to be rescheduled subsequent trips for any reason to an on-site location is subject to applicable on-site service fee which must be prepaid online. Please type the word "YES" to acknowledge and agree to the Aloha Hair Replacement Center Appointment Policy. Mahalo

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement



    To Check Availability: 808-357-3504

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